"> Which method of carpet cleaning is considered as the most effective?

Which method of carpet cleaning is considered as the most effective?

Which method of carpet cleaning is considered as the most effective?

Homeowners do not often realize that the method of shampooing is not the best to clean them effectively. Well, to remove the tough stains, dirt, and debris it is important to choose the ideal method.

Ideally, there are the most popular methods of carpet cleaning to ensure the carpet and rugs at your place are in good working condition. In this article, we are going to talk about the best cleaning methods suggested by the top carpet cleaner to address the problem in the right manner:

Different Carpet cleaning methods


  • In this method, detergent is applied with lots of water. The rotating brush will scrub the carpet which helps in removing the stain as well as loosen the dirt. The most important factor for this method is to extract the shampoo with the help of clean water. The shampoo needs to be extracted properly from the carpet surface otherwise the dirt and dust will not be cleaned from the carpet surface which will make them look dirty.

Steam Cleaning

  • The most effective method is steam cleaning or hot water extraction. In this method, a high-pressure wand is used to apply hot water to the carpet fiber. With this, the thick dirt, dust, mud, and other debris will be dissolved which makes them extracted easily.
  • In case, someone is sensitive to allergies or sensitivities to shampoo/detergent then this method is a perfect choice. However, it is also important to take out the excess water and you can use it once it is completely dry. So, this method is great to make your carpet look fresh and soft.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

  • This method of cleaning the carpet is best for home and office as they the carpet to dry quickly. For cleaning, a very small amount of chemical or powder detergent is used along with water. With the help of a rotating brush, the powder is pushed into the fiber and the extraction tool helps in taking away the detergent along with debris and dust.
  • In case someone has breathing difficulty or allergies then this method might. Along with that proper ventilation is important.

Bonnet Cleaning

  • For cleaning the carpet it used a special machine that has a bonnet or a thick towel in the front. With this bonnet, the shampoo is rubbed along the carpet fiber and shampoo is extracted along with debris and dirt.
  • Keep in mind this method will only clean the dirt from the carpet surface. However, this method is affordable and fast as compared to other options. This option can be great if the carpet is not extremely dirty, or filthy. With this affordable option of light carpet cleaning the carpet and rug at your home will look the best for a long time.

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