"> Which are the professional cleaning methods for a sofa in Melbourne

Which are the professional cleaning methods for a sofa?

Which are the professional cleaning methods for a sofa?

A sofa set is the cynosure of the living room.A good looking set will add to the glamour quotient of the house while an untidy,  filthy looking sofa will make the whole environment shabby.A sofa spells comfort and joy if kept in a well-maintained condition. It is not good news for your family, is it?So invest as much time, money and energy in cleaning it as you did in buying it. After all, it’s your duty to maintain it well. Of course, when the things become too much for you to handle, we are there at your beck and call. We render professional carpet and couch cleaning services. If you are on a lookout for  Couch Cleaning in Melbourne, just contact our team. Our experts will be there in a flash of a second and offer the best service in upholstery Steam Cleaning.


Maintenance Mantra for couches

1.Steam heat extraction

It is light on the pocket and provides efficient cleaning of the sofa in a matter of some hours. High temperatures and steam are used to eliminate the dust, bacteria and the germs which might be sitting deep in the various corners of the couch. Excess moisture is also removed from the surface and the deep-seated parts.This feature ensures that there is no wetness or sogginess of the material. It saves upon the time and the money. The whole process takes only a couple of hours and you are rewarded with a neat looking and dry sofa.

2.Carbonation cleaning

This method is also a great way to rejuvenate your sofa. In this process, the sofa is cleaned by a carbonating solution with an effervescent effect. The solution requires less water as compared to steam cleaning. The carbon bubbles are tiny and penetrate deep into the couch’s fibers and remove the grime. The carbon bubbles lift the dirt particle to the surface.Now the dirt particles are easily wiped away.  Thus, carbon cleaning ensures that the sofa remains clean afterward too.

3.Chemical cleaning

All kinds of safe chemicals are available in the market to clean up the couches. These chemicals are safe for fabrics as well as leather. Dry shampoo encapsulations are also available which provide a unique edge over the other methods. This method removes dirt using embedded particles which require minimum drying up time. It is so fast that the couch is dry enough for sitting almost immediately after cleaning.

4.Foam cleaning

It comprises applying a foam solution to the sofa by hand. The solution is allowed to work on the stains and therefore left for some time on the surface. The area can be cleaned after a short while. It is a popular choice among the customers since it allows complete control by the user and it also ensures minimum damage caused by moisture.


5.Dry cleaning

As the name suggests, it is quite similar to foam cleaning but it is done without water. A chemical powder is sprinkled on the couch. It is further applied to stained areas specifically.The powder is vacuumed sometime later. You can see the after effect of the process as a clean, sparkling sofa. It is especially beneficial for cases in which wooden material is involved. It is also advantageous from the point of view that it requires a minimum time for drying up.



Beware of the following goof-ups-

A person can commit some follies during the couch cleaning process. Here are a list of such mistakes and guidelines for avoiding them-


  1. Hire professional help-Don’t opt for people who are untrained in this area. It is highly beneficial for both you and the couch that the person coming to clean the couch is a trained professional. An untrained person might do more harm than good and waste your financial resources too.


  1. Get your sofa cleaned regularly

It is not going to pay you in the long run if you opt for sofa cleaning after very long gaps. Not only will it take much time and effort to clean it, but it will also endanger your family’s health. An unclean sofa is a breeding ground for all sorts of germs and microorganisms. Bacteria, fungi, and the virus may make your couch their home. They will further infect the young and the old members of the family. It will also be embarrassing to make your guests sit down on a foul-smelling sofa. So don’t let the embarrassment and diseases invade your home.

  1. Avoid Harsh chemicals

Harsh chemicals might harm your sofa’s material. Moreover, the residue from such chemicals can cause a headache, breathing problems, sneezing, and eye irritation. Such chemicals can have toxic effects in the long run. It is best to opt for environmentally friendly and pet-friendly cleaning agents.

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