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Which are the 5 best professional carpet cleaning options

Which are the 5 best professional carpet cleaning options

Carpets are the cynosure of our living rooms. They not only add color to our living space but also serve as the perfect place for the family to sit and bond. They are the favorite spot of the pets and the kids as they like to settle down on its colorful design. With such crucial purposes being served, the carpet is prone to getting dirty and dull with all the rigmarole happening on or near it. Depending on the type of carpet you have, you can opt for various carpet cleaning services 

It is also called hot water extraction method. It involves applying steam to the carpet fibers. The steam so released is done at a high pressure. The action dissolves the dirt,  extracts it and stores it in a tank meant for holding it. A detergent solution is also used along with the steam to clean the carpet by agitating it with brushes. The carpet is thoroughly rinsed after the final step. The carpet will normally dry after a span of four hours, though it is preferred to leave it overnight to dry.

  • Shampooing

Carpet shampooing ruled the carpet cleaning processes till the encapsulation technique arrived. While it is a good way to get rid of major dirt and debris, it has a major disadvantage-the shampoo used is left over and the residue can take a long amount of time to dry. The sticky surface can attract a lot of dirt which will make the carpet dirty again.

  • Encapsulation

It is a process in which a layer of chemical foam is applied on the carpet. This layer crystallizes around the dust particles. These crystals can be removed by a vacuum cleaner. A brush could also be used to remove the same. As the method requires less water and has a quicker drying time, it is quite popular.It is also preferred as it doesn’t leave a chemical residue. The only flip side to encapsulation is the fact that it doesn’t clean the carpet deeply. It is unsuitable for deep cleaning heavily soiled carpets.

  • Bonneting

This method is mostly used in places where there is a high traffic and one can’t wait for the carpet to dry after several hours. Hotels and restaurants are the places which engage bonneting often. The bonneting machines have a heavy pad under it. The brush is immersed in chemicals and made to rub on the carpet. The dirt is removed after the action of the pad and the chemicals. This method is disadvantageous as it removes only the surface dirt. Deep cleaning of the dirt is not possible with this technique.

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning

This method has been in use since the 1980s.In this process, the machines with counter-rotating brushes are used. These apply a cleaning compound for removing dirt. This method doesn’t use water so one need not wait for drying up the carpet.

All of the above methods are effective in cleaning the carpets. One may take up the process themselves by hiring machines or hire professional cleaning services. Professional cleaning has its own set of benefits which bypass the DIY cleaning episodes.

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