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What is the difference between Dry Carpet Cleaning and Steam Cleaning Methods?

What is the difference between Dry Carpet Cleaning and Steam Cleaning Methods?

Carpet cleaning in Dandenong involves several methods that are valuable to clean all ten debris from your floor covering. For this, you need to hire professionals, so that you can get the perfect cleaning service. Let’s try to understand the differences between dry cleaning and steam carpet cleaning method.

Dry carpet cleaning

You may not know that carpet dry cleaning includes a pre-vacuum to remove the dirt and dust particles. This is a very important step to follow otherwise, you will face difficulty to clean the carpet with hard or dry soil. In addition to this, this dry cleaning method gives the special cleaning service to your carpet, so that you can enjoy a better environment.

In this method, professionals use the quality cleaning solution and combination of cleaning solvents and water too. This method is helpful to clean all the germs and dirt from your carpet properly.

Steam carpet cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning is additionally known as the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning. In this method, your professional clean the carpet with the help of hot water to extract all the dirt and soil from the carpet. In this process, they also use suitable cleaning solvents so that you can get a better environment. This method is completely different from the dry cleaning methods for carpets.

Difference between dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning method

  • Professionals use cotton absorbent pads to rinse the carpets with the help of a rotary machine. These pads are worked at a high speed that is valuable to clean dirt from the carpet. Whereas, in the steam cleaning method, they have to use big machines to remove all the water from the carpet.

  • In the dry cleaning method, the professional leaves the carpet walk on dry, which means there is no need to take much tension to clean the carpet because it will be completely dry only in an hour. Whereas, in steam cleaning, professionals use hot water, due to which it is too difficult to dry the carpet in a short time.

  • Dry cleaning offers you effective cleaning and completely removes the stain and dust in one cleaning. However, in steam cleaning, you will not be able to clean the oily stains even with the help of a cleaning solvent.

  • In short, the dry cleaning method offers you mind-blowing cleaning without any complication. And you will be able to use your carpet immediately after the cleaning process. On the opposite side, steam cleaning does not offer you proper and effective cleaning of the carpet. With this cleaning method, you will be unable to remove all the dirt and dust from your carpet.

  • As well, it is too difficult to dry the carpet after using the steam carpet cleaning method.

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