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What is the average Sofa Cleaning Cost?

What is the average Sofa Cleaning Cost?

Everyone wants the clean and hygienic sofa so they choose different cleaning methods for their sofas.

Calculating the average couch cleaning cost

There is not any fixed amount for the cleaning of the sofa as it differs from company to company. Different company has different methods for calculating the cost of cleaning sofa.

Type of furniture

Cleaning cost may vary according to the type and number of furniture pieces as some people have two or three seated sofas, some wants cleaning for armchair or L shaped sofa so the cost for all these furniture pieces can be different.


The timing for booking cleaning service can also make a difference to the cost for instance if you book cleaning service during the holidays then it can be at a higher cost than the normal working days.

Strain protector

If you want to prevent stains on the sofa then you can choose the application of stain protector but at some additional cost. During this process stain protectors like Scotchgard are used to spray on the surface of the sofa to protect it from the stain soaking.

Type of cleaning method

Cost of cleaning sofa is largely affected by the choice of method for sofa cleaning as per suitability for your furniture.  Sofa Cleaners Melbourne mainly uses the four methods for cleaning the sofa as follows


Depending on the fabric and material of the upholstery furniture, cleaners use a different method of cleaning like

Hot water extraction

For the synthetic and wool fabrics sofa, a method of water extraction is used for cleaning. In this method water under the complete pressure is forced into the fiber to dislodge the soil and dirt. Then by using the vacuum cleaner water is sucked and moisture is removed from the sofa

Dry cleaning

If your sofa is made up of delicate fabric or water resistant fabric then this method is used for cleaning it. In this method, pretreatment is given to the stains of the sofa and dirty patches then with the specialized machine, the powerful solvent is applied on the sofa under great pressure so that it could go into deep into the fabric. Then the machine is used to suck back the solvent and the dissolved dirt.

Dry foam cleaning

It is also the cleaning method used for delicate fabrics but if the fabric is non-water resistant. In this cleaning method furniture is diligently vacuumed and then conditioning spray is applied to the fabric to dissolve the dirt. This foam is applied with the specialized machine and to prevent the over wetting of fabric. After the 10 minutes of foam application, it is sucked back and the furniture is left to get dry at least for an hour.

Leather sofa cleaning

When your sofa is made up of leather then the professionals use a different method for cleaning it carefully as little ignorance and a mistake can damage the leather so before cleaning the sofa, professionals closely inspect the condition of leather and even test the cleaner.

Then the tested cleaner applied on the sofa to remove the dirt and then leather rejuvenation product is used at the end of the cleaning process to prevent the future staining.

Additional cost

Some time additional costs for choosing extra service along with sofa cleaning like bed bug treatment, house cleaning, and carpet cleaning can also be added in the total cost and even some extra charges policy is also there from of some companies that can also higher up the cost of sofa cleaning.

Is the professional sofa cleaning is worth the cost of cleaning it?

As there are different methods of cleaning the sofa depending on the fabric and type of sofa so it is better to call the professionals for cleaning the sofa as otherwise there are greater chances of any damage to the sofa. Even the professional can give you the best advice for cleaning and maintaining the sofa so that you can enjoy your clean and hygienic sofa for more years.

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