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What are the types of carpet cleaning methods?

What are the types of carpet cleaning methods?

So you have bought a nice new carpet for your home. But maintaining it will be much tougher than the buying it. While many methods are available for carpet cleaning, you must be wise enough to choose the method which suits you best. Many methods have an advantage over the others. The suitability of the method depends on the usage, location and the type of place where the carpet is being used. If you are looking for professional carpet cleaning services, contact our team of Carpet Steam Cleaners in Melbourne. Trust our word, you will not find better Carpet Cleaning in Dandenong.

  • Hot Water Extraction

It is also called steam carpet cleaning. Primarily, hot water is released at a pressure to dissolve the dirt on the surface. It involves the application of a carpet cleaner followed by agitation through a brush. After this step, rinsing is carried out. The carpet is left to dry after the cleanup is completed. While cleaning takes a span of 2 hours, the drying takes up to 4 hours.

  • Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampoo is applied in this process to render a clean carpet. This method has lost popularity due to the large amount of wet foam which is left behind. The resultant sticky and unrinsed carpet invites dirt and re-soils again in no time.

  • Encapsulation

This method has gained a lot of popularity because it leaves comparatively less soilage and wetness. It uses a detergent which converts into crystalline form after drying. The dirt is encapsulated in the dried particles and finally removed from the surface when the carpet is vacuumed and brushed. But this method has its limitations as it can’t be used for heavily soiled carpets.

  • Bonnet Cleaning

It entails the carpet cleaning in Melbourne with a mechanical spinning pad immersed in detergent. It is a quick method which is usually employed in areas where the traffic is high and a dry carpet is required in the minimum possible time. This method is suitable only as a quick fix as it does not deep clean the carpet. It also leaves a heavy chemical residue as a resultant.

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning

This is the most effective and popular method employed nowadays to brighten up your expensive prized possessions. The application of the cleaning detergent is done through a motorized rotating brush which is affixed to a machine. This enables the detergent to settle deeply into the carpet and clean it thoroughly. The cleaning agents operate like mini sponges which absorb the dirt. The best part is the cleaning compounds are biodegradable. Plenty of companies offer this service and most of them have formulated their own detergents. Customized equipment is used to carry out the process. This is the most advantageous process as it can be carried out seamlessly in commercial organizations without disrupting the busy schedule of the employees.

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