"> What are the different ways to remove stains from your carpets at home?

What are the different ways to remove stains from your carpets at home?

What are the different ways to remove stains from your carpets at home?

As we all know that carpet cleaning is too difficult a task to perform for working people. Since they do not have enough time to do this, so they hire professionals for carpet cleaning, which may seem too expensive.

If you are struggling to clean your carpet at home with homemade cleaning products, then you need to read this article at the end. Since we are going to give you detailed information about carpet cleaning in Melbourne. 

Homemade Cleaners for Carpets

Detergent solution: You can go with a detergent solution, you must mix a small teaspoon of a dishwashing liquid detergent into one cup of lukewarm water in order to make a cleaning solution.

Vinegar solution: Well, Vinegar has the best cleaning properties, that will give you mind-blowing cleaning. You must mix one cup of white vinegar into two cups of water to make a carpet cleaning solution.

Solvent solution: To make the cleaning solution with solvent, you must go with oil solvents such as nail polish remover and Gentle non-acetone polish remover.

How to remove the different types of stains from the carpet?

To clean the food stains

You must dip a white cloth into the detergent solution and then rub the affected area with cloth for some time or you must press the cloth on the stain for a few seconds. You must let it sit for at least 15 minutes so that cloth can absorb all the food stains and dust as well. This is valuable to remove-:

  • Wine and Beer
  • Ketchup and Tomato sauce
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee and tea,
  • Berries
  • Hard candy
  • Juice and soda.

To Remove Oil and Grease Stains

  • You must apply a small amount of carpet cleaning solvent to clean the stain. You must rub the area or press the cleaning solution white cloth on the spot for a few minutes.
  • Then wash your carpet with the lukewarm water.
  • Let it dry for at least one hour so that it can completely dry. If you are unable to clean the stain, then you must apply this solution again.

To Remove Dirt and Mud

  • First of all, you must vacuum the carpet to remove any dirt.
  • Then rub the carpet with a solution or you can also use a soft brush to rub the area.
  • And then dip another dry cloth in lukewarm water, and clean the spot. And then rinse it completely.

Moreover, in order to remove the Chewing Gum and Wax stains, you need to go with ice cubes. You must start rubbing ice cubes on the chewing gum or wax, and rub gently until the gum or wax removed.

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