"> Different Ways to clean a 3 seater fabric sofa at home?

What are the different ways to clean a 3 seater fabric sofa at home?

What are the different ways to clean a 3 seater fabric sofa at home?

Cleaning is the most important part of every home, but the majority of people do not have enough time to clean the house. Well, not only house, but you also need to clean the furniture and carpet as well. Since the cleaning of these things also important, so you have to give proper time to clean the furniture.

If you are unable to clean the sofa set at home, they must go with professionals, because they offer you the best cleaning service. similarly, you can also call professionals of Couch Cleaning in Dandenong, because they have vast knowledge about everything related to cleaning.

Ways to clean the 3 seater fabric sofa set.

As we stated above, there are so many ways to clean a sofa set at home. If you are going to clean sofa set at home, then you need to follow all the instructions of your manufacturers, because he knows very well how to clean this type of fabric. 

Spot Cleaning

Warm soapy water

  • This type of cleaning is useful to clean small marks that are present on your sofa set.

  • You must use the warm soapy water to clean stains or marks from your sofa set. Make sure you use the best quality soap. And then you apply this on the sofa set with the help of a cotton cloth.

  • And then try to remove the stain, but do not rub it, you just leave the damp cloth on the mark and wait for some time until it absorbs everything.

  • Well, it is necessary to repeat it 3-4 times until the stain has completely gone.

Vinegar solution

  • If you have a stubborn stain, then you must go with a vinegar solution, because it will give you the effective results.

  • You must add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar into warm water soapy solution, that you made.

  • Then take the cotton white cloth and soak into vinegar solution for 2-3 minutes.

  • Only then you should apply it on the stubborn stain, make sure, you do not rub the stain, because it will harm your sofa set and its fabric as well.

  • You must leave it for s few minutes until it absorbs the dust and stain.

  • Then go with dry process.

Deep Cleaning

  • Deep cleaning is done with the help of baking powder.

  • You must sprinkle some baking powder and water on the sofa set and then you must use a new or soft brush to clean the sofa set.

  • You must ket it sit for 25 minutes on your sofa set and then you must vacuum your sofa, but only when you notice the stain has gone.

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