"> Tips to eliminate the smell resulting from urination of the pet cats from the carpets

Tips to eliminate the smell resulting from urination of the pet cats from the carpets

Tips to eliminate the smell resulting from urination of the pet cats from the carpets

Many individuals are fond of keeping pets in their homes. They need to be nurtured and nourished the same way the kids are to be taken care of. A very common thing in pets and kids is that they like to play and spend time on the soft carpets as they feel cozy and comfortable there. As a result, they sometimes, end up urinating there making the carpets dirty, wet, and contagious. Cats which are kept as pets are mostly trained to pee outside. However, even after training, they may pee on the carpets out of anger or some medical issues.

How to get rid of the smell of the cat pee?

Getting rid of the smell of the cat pee can be a daunting task. Still, there are some of the natural home remedies and chemical that can help with the same.

Natural remedies

  • Vinegar and water: for this, water and vinegar are to be mixed in equal quantities. The mixture so obtained is sprinkled on the carpet and it is made wet. Then, it is to be left on the carpet for around half an hour. Finally, it can be drained to as much extent as possible. The strong odor of the vinegar evaporates on its own taking away with it the smell of the cat pee. This process is to be done several times and doing it only once or twice is of no help.
  • Club soda: the club soda can be poured directly on the carpet where there is a stain of the cat pee. Once the fizz of the soda dissolves in the air, the liquid can be wiped off with a towel. This therapy is more useful for recent pee of the carpet that is immediately discovered and when the pee is not too smelly. It is also beneficial for those who cannot bear the smell of vinegar. It needs to be repeated only if the smell does not go away.

Commercial products

  • Enzyme treatments: there are some products that are available in the market for removing the smell of the cat pee from the carpets. These products consist of enzymes. One example is Nature‚Äôs Miracle. This is more effective as it has more chances of clearing the smell and does not yield bad odor like vinegar.
  • Total cleaning: the last option is to go for total cleaning of the carpet with the help of a steam cleaner or shampoo cleaner that results in absolute removal of smell and cleaning the carpet. It is better to hire a professional carpet cleaner for the same as a carpet cleaning officer first observes the carpet and then decides what method is ideal for removal of the pungent smell. Alternatively, one can take the steam cleaner on rent and clean the carpet individually. All in all, it is best to train the cats to pee outside.

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