"> Thing you need to consider before hiring professionals for carpet cleaning

Thing you need to consider before hiring professionals for carpet cleaning

Thing you need to consider before hiring professionals for carpet cleaning

At many places, carpet is installed as it makes the place comfortable and cozy. But, have you ever thought that if you do not get them cleaned on time it will make them dirty and full of dust. Also, taking the help of professionals is the ideal choice. T

What service does a professional provides?

  • When you hire a professional they will use the latest methods and techniques for cleaning. They know which method will work in different situations.
  • The professionals are aware of which fabric needs which treatment so that your carpet is not affected. Also, they are aware which stain will be removed which method.
  • They will not use any aggressive method of cleaning which will damage your carpet.

When you hire a professional from our company they will tell you about the entire process and what will be included in the cleaning service. Due to our quality results our company is well-known for the service of Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne.

How does steam cleaning works?

The steam cleaning method is used by professionals. In this, the hot-water is blasted on the carpet which helps in extracting the soil properly. Even at the deepest level, it can take out the dirt and dust effectively.

  • Before the cleaning process, a solution is applied which loosens the dirt and stains. To increase the effectiveness of the solution they might agitate the carpet by using a brush.
  • With high-pressure extremely hot water is put on the carpet which is around 200 degrees or higher.
  • Then the carpet is vacuumed which helps in taking out the solution and dirt leaving your carpet clean & fresh.

How much the carpet cleaning cost?

The cost of carpet cleaning will depend on 2 factors which include the cost of square feet of room and how much area of carpet you want to get cleaned.

While getting the service the cost will include these things also:

  • Severe odor removal
  • Area rug & upholstery cleaning
  • Stair cleaning
  • Moving furniture

How often the carpet should be cleaned?

Professionally you should get the carpet cleaned every 12 to 18 months. This will not only make the carpet free from dust and germs but it will also increase the lifetime of the carpet.

How much time does the cleaning take?

On average it takes around 20 minutes to clean the carpet for every room. If the room is large then it might take longer.

How long does the drying process take?

The drying process of the carpet will depend on factors like airflow and humidity. It can take around 2 to 24 hours. On average, most carpets dry within 6 to 12 hours.

If you are looking to get the carpet cleaned in an effective and best manner then contact our team. We make sure that you get quality service so that you hire professionals for carpet cleaning every time.

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