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What are some of the tricks and techniques that can help in carpet cleaning and rug cleaning?

What are some of the tricks and techniques that can help in carpet cleaning and rug cleaning?

North Clyde: Carpet and rugs occupy an indispensable place in every home. They can be found in every home and sometimes in every room. The carpets and rugs become dirty due to dust, dirt, germs, spillage, urination of kids and pets, and many other reasons. This calls for their cleaning. While many people hire professional carpet cleaning services in Clayton others prefer to clean the carpets and rugs on their own. When people decide to clean the carpet and rug themselves, they might be doing some mistakes or may not be aware of some of the simple tips of cleaning.

Do’s of carpet and rug cleaning

  • Clean the spills immediately: water, juices, cold drink, or alcohol may spill on the carpet while one is taking them. It is not possible to avoid the spillage how hard anyone tries but it can definitely be cleaned. Firstly, it should not be left to be cleaned later as that will make the marks permanent causing the liquid to penetrate the carpet or rug surface. It can be cleaned by the use of dry tissue and placing it on the surface where spillage has occurred. Just gently dab it and do not rub it. The tissue absorbs the entire liquid.
  • Vacuum cleaning: it is better to vacuum the carpets and rugs first before washing them for the removal of dust and dirt.
  • Opting for the cleaning agent: there is a specific type of cleaning agent made specifically for a particular fabric of the carpet and that should be used for cleaning. Avoid going for the detergent that claims to be ideal for all surfaces and fabric types.
  • Regular cleaning: cleaning or washing the carpet or rug when it becomes extremely dirty is not the right choice. Hence it is best to periodically clean the carpets and rugs.

Don’ts of carpet and rug cleaning

It is not wise to blindly follow the techniques mentioned on the internet as they may cause more damage rather than cleaning the carpet or rug. Some of the materials not to be used are

  • Vinegar: vinegar is not an ideal solution to clean the carpets and rugs whether a mixture with baking soda, water or hydrogen peroxide is prepared. This is because it does not clean the dirt, grime, and germs that have penetrated to the carpet and rug fabric. Rather, it damages the fabric of the carpet and rug.
  • Ammonia: ammonia is not suitable to carpets because it works against the carpets and rugs made of wool fabric. It causes discoloration of the synthetic carpet and rug fabrics.
  • Hair spray: hair spray does not good for the removal of the carpet stains. Rather, spraying it on the carpet surface leads to the creation of another stain of hair spray.

Overall, carpet and rug cleaning at home is not at all a bad idea but blindly following the tips on the internet is. Reading the instructions mentioned on the carpet and rug before cleaning act as the best guide to carpet and rug cleaning.

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