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What are the different steps to store the carpet and rug in the right manner?

What are the different steps to store the carpet and rug in the right manner?

Go Cleaners Pty LtdMelbourne: If you are planning to move to a new place then you have to pack all those carpets or rugs which have placed inside your home for having a cozy feel. But, it is also essential that you should store them properly so that they do not get damaged or torn off from any area.

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  • Vacuum the carpet

This is a very essential part of the cleaning process which should be kept in mind always. Before storing them you should vacuum it properly so that dirt and dust are removed from it properly. Otherwise, it will settle completely into the surface and over time the fabric will get damaged. Professionals also consider it as an essential part of carpet cleaning. Apart from this, storing them for a long time without cleaning them properly will make the carpet smell very bad. So, make sure the dust and dirt are removed properly.

  • Use a mild cleanser for scrubbing

You can also use a mild cleanser to clean the carpet after vacuuming it. Prepare a mild solution of white half cup distilled vinegar, 2 cup of water, and essential oil drops for fragrance. After that, gently scrub the carpet to remove the stain and or any kind of spot. Make sure you do not use any type of harsh chemical or brush to clean the carpet surface. Once the solution is prepared, dip the brush in it and scrub the carpet to clean it. Remember not to soak the carpet or rug in this solution.

  • Place in direct sunlight for drying

Once you have cleaned the carpet you need to place it in the direct sunlight so that it the carpet and rug does not have any excess water. But, do not place them outside directly as you know air pollutants, dirt, and dust will get attached to the surface again. Place it inside the house where sunlight comes properly. This way the carpet will look fresh and there will be no bad odor.

  • Use an insect-proof treatment

Small insects, moths, and creepy crawly can easily find a way to store themselves in the carpet as the surface is very warm and comfortable. But, beetles can damage the carpet surface is a very wrong way. This is why professionals recommend that you should get an insect-proof treatment so that the carpet and rug are not affected in any way. Many commercial products are available in the market which can be used while storing the carpet and rug.

  • Roll them properly and use proper material

While storing them you should not fold them as it will leave a crease on them. What you can do is wrap the carpet or rug in an old water pipe so that the fabric does not get damaged or collapsed. Make sure you use an old bed sheet so that dirt and dust do not affect the fabric.

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