Steps to clean fabric couches

Steps to clean fabric couches

Sofas are the most used furniture pieces in our homes. But they are as prone to spilling and staining. They need a lot of maintenance and upkeep to maintain their bright looks. Keeping them clean and bright requires a regular cleaning schedule. If the soiling is too much for you to handle, you can opt for our couch cleaning services. If you are dealing with us, you are dealing with the best Couch Cleaners in Melbourne. We handle services in other parts of the country as well. You can also avail our services for Carpet Cleaning in Dandenong. For regular upkeep at home, here are some tips to have a sparkling sofa at your disposal.

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Tackle the stains immediately

Tackle the stains as soon as they can be. As is with some utensils, waiting too long to wipe the stain may make it stubborn to remove later on.

Go according to the manufacturer’s directions

Manufacturers usually supply instructions and directions about cleaning the sofa properly. They also enlist recommended products which can clean the sofa as well as maintain its looks. Read the recommendations carefully and clean the sofa accordingly. Opt for the harmless solvents recommended.

Check out the cleaning codes

Go through the sofa tags and you will find some alphabets written on them. They are not just random codes. They have a special hidden meaning to them. They‘re actually codes supplied by the manufacturer for future reference. Check out the standard codes-“W” stands for a water-based cleaner. It means that the sofa can be cleaned only using water-based cleaners.”S/W” stands for solvent and water-based cleaners. It signifies that the concerned sofa can be cleaned with solvent and water-based cleaners both.”S” indicates solvent. It means that the sofa can be cleaned with a solvent based detergent only.

Brush away the dust

Use the old method of brushing away the debris with a stiff natural fiber brush. It will loosen the stains and brush away the debris. Once the dry layer of dust is gone, it will be easier to get to the deep-seated and stubborn particles.

Vacuum you way to cleanliness

Prior to scrubbing, use a vacuum cleaner to suck away all the loose dirt and dry particles. This will help in eliminating the loose dust before proceeding further.

Use baking soda

Use the homemade baking soda solution to make the cleaning process more effective. It removes the odor and also loosens up the deep set stains. Mix equal quantities of soda with water, apply it and leave it there for 15-20 minutes. Vacuum it afterward.

Give the spot treatment

Use only recommended products to clean the sofa. If you have doubts, test a little spot before putting the whole piece to a risk. Follow the instructions given on the detergent carefully. Wipe off with a cloth if recommended.

Pat dry

The sofa can be pat dried with a dry towel to absorb any moisture if left behind.it is also recommended that you brush off any residual cleaning solution.

Air Dry the sofa

Leave the sofa overnight to dry in the natural air. You will be happy to be greeted by a sparkling, fresh smelling and vibrant sofa in the morning.

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