"> Steam Carpet cleaning and Hot Water Extraction in Melbourne are they all the same?

Steam Carpet cleaning and Hot Water Extraction are they all the same?

Steam Carpet cleaning and Hot Water Extraction are they all the same?

Carpets indeed add to our interiors and it is hard to find a piece that is like them. They are ideal for sitting on the floor. Kids and pets tend to enjoy using it for their play and leisure. This extensive usage makes it all the more necessary to clean it and keep it germ-free. Of course , the guests too will be pleased to be hosted in a living room with a bright carpet. But the truth is that nothing can replace professional carpet cleaning services. Opt for Go cleaners as we are experts in the area. We will provide the best Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne.

As regards the available methods of cleaning, Steam Carpet cleaning and hot water cleaning both the options are available.

When it comes to these terms, many people tend to think that they are one and the same. Actually, they are not able to identify that the difference lies in their very name.

Hot Water Extraction

It means that the water is heated to a high temperature but not high enough that it converts into steam. Water at very high temperature is used to clean up the carpet.

Steam Cleaning

For Steam Cleaning, the water has to be heated to a level that it converts into steam. But using steam is not really helpful in rinsing the carpet and making it free of the cleaning solution.

What the carpet cleaners prefer

Most of the professional carpet cleaning services believe that it is best to clean the carpets with the hot water extraction technique. This is so because the technique is equally effective in removing the dust, dirt, and stains. It is also good for the fibers as they are prevented from shrinking in this method. Steam conversely can set in the stains permanently.

Another option that homemakers think is a smart choice is renting or buying extractors and steamers readily available in the market. But the truth is that such equipment could be substandard. Given the fact that most homeowners are inexperienced as compared to the professional cleaners, they might end up with a soaked carpet full of detergent which could be an open invitation to germs, mildew and a musty smell.

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