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Wool, fleecy fiber, cotton thread, sisal hemp, nylon, are all used in making rugs, hence need to be treated with utmost care. Carpet Cleaning or rug cleaning at home on your own is not a simple task. Regardless of how often you clean your carpets or rugs, but still they remain more or less dirty.

Always try getting an examination done, prior to getting the final cleaning done. For that, it is essential that you call the carpet cleaners at your place and let them check the status of your carpet or rug and then write down the price quoted and other prerequisites. Here are mentioned some advice for homemakers on how to get carpets cleaned by experts, go through them properly and only then have them cleaned.

Pick someone who has been qualified or skilled enough to take care of the carpets. Many walls to wall carpets (or carpets in general) are made up from nylon or plastic (also called polypropylene). Wall to wall is nothing but it is fixed to a building, hence only the topmost part is what can be cleaned.

The carpets have to be vacuumed in the first place (using machines having superior quality, not just vacuum sweeper). Expert says that the one should call those companies, which engage using special scaled trucks which offer very powerful and well-organized freshwater and recovery system. Many companies provide specially made pipes, batons, along with vacuums which are twisted into homes or offices. Carpeting is colored in patches to be sure that cleaning soaps and chemicals are not harming it in any way. Hot water present in the truck, along with soap is sprayed on carpets, which are gathered to work in soap and also for dirt to loosen up. The carpeting is flushed again using hot water, which is thereafter withdrawn with the help of huge vacuums.

Mostly cleaning work is done by professionals, which takes around 3 hours time and another 3- 4 hours for drying. Many companies do not charge for extra work done (which means moving or shifting furniture). Something which works well during the cleaning is opening the windows or switching on the heater at high-speed results in quick drying. Don’t be in a rush to keep the furniture back into place, as the wood in furniture may get destroyed and metal furniture may become rusty.

The treatments begin by buffing the rug with air cushion to take out loose dirt. Dye tests are done before the rug is kept in water for a night before cleaning. The next day, the rug is ducked into a warm soapy solution of water. Low water temperature is used, in non- synthetic fibers the rug is kept in the soapy solution till the fourth day, after which, it is cleansed with air cushion and water and thereafter hung for drying. Lastly, the edging is cleaned and any kind of specific work like repair on the rug, freshening it up, making it resistant to moths and removing gums etc, is done.

Hence, we have come to know that why professionals are called upon for cleaning rugs and carpets, calling them calls for many advantages.

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