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Don’t want to throw your prized upholstery which seems to be getting a wee bit old for others? Well, there are a number of options you could take up to save it. Upholstery Steam Cleaning might be one.But if are in the DIY mood, we appreciate it as it will cost less money. You just need some planning and a will to carry it out. It is better that you take some handy tips from us.

First stock up the tools like upholstery nails, upholstery tacks and a  small hammer. You will also need upholstery tacks and heavy duty staple gun and staples. Other requirements are sharp scissors or shears, box knife, tape measure, and new fabric. You may also need new stuffing if the situation so demands.

Steps for Upholstery Steam Cleaning


Make the preparations for you to sit comfortably. Upholstery cleaning shouldn’t mean aching and straining your back. So place the chair on a raised surface so that you don’t have to bend all over to complete the job. Proceed by removing all the existing pieces of the fabric piece wise. If any coding is there, remove that too and preserve it.

Take a good look at your chair

Inspect your chair thoroughly to find out if any part needs repair as all the internal parts are now exposed. Look around for any requirement of repainting or refinishing. Also, check if the springs need to be re-tied. If the stuffing needs to replaced, now is the right time to do it.

Cut out  the pieces

Spread the fabric on a large extended surface and place the old pieces on them. Now cut out the pieces from the fabric so as to overlap the old pieces.It will be better if you leave some extra margin so that you have enough seam allowance. You should be sure of laying the pieces on the grain of the fabric so that you don’t have to face stretching and sagging issues.

Put the pieces

It is now the time to apply the fabric to the chair. The arms should be covered first, then the sides and the front and the end. Put the remaining fabric on the back area. Avoid stretching while ensuring a good fit by pulling it snugly. Secure it by using upholstery tacks and heavy duty staples. As the chair is not going to be just a showpiece , it is going to be used for sitting as well, make sure that everything is secure and in place.

Give the finishing touches to your masterpiece

In case the chair has a ruffled or a pleated skirt, re-attach it at this juncture. A skirt back can be difficult if you are a novice in sewing, you can forgo it if you wish to. If that is the case, you can take the fabric to an upholstery store. They will do the needful for you if you provide the measurements. The same is true for the seat cushion if your chair has a detachable cushion. If you aren’t exactly proud of your sewing skills, it is better than that you get it done by professionals. One alternative is that you can wrap the fabric around the cushion and pin-up or sew at the backside. The enveloped look will save you all the thread and needle mess.

The last step is to include a nail head trim or any other trim you wish to add.It is a relatively easy job to do this as they are readily available at any upholstery store. Applying them will not be a problem as they can be done so in strips so that there is even space between them.

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