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Leather couch cleaning – Noble Park, Victoria

Steps to follow in leather couch cleaning Noble Park

Leather couch cleaning - Noble Park, Victoria

They say “a clean house is a sign of happy home” and to implement this adage in your life, you have to make sure every other nook, furniture, a shelf of your house is dirt free. From dusting to mopping, so many cleaning acts are done. But guess what which part of household things needs rigorous cleaning. Of course, the furniture and when there is a leather sofa includes in your furniture set then get ready to do use some tips for cleaning it other than just wiping it with normal water.

  1. Make sure your couch is free from the dust particles

First of all remove all the extra detritus which are visible with some piece of cloth, better if it can be done with microfiber kind of cloth as it has the property of being electro statically charged that helps in drawing dust towards it. Shed all the junk, dust from all over the couch including cushions.If you still feel wiping with a cloth is not enough then you can use vacuum cleaner which will readily suck all the Nano-particles and germs.

  1. Time to clean all the stains

We all know how stubborn stains are, be it a coffee,grease or makeup stain, they just like to stay where they are so it’s better to shove them off early. To remove them, application of baking soda is quite useful. Sprinkle some baking soda on it and leave it just as it is for 2-3 hours and then remove it with the brush. Sometimes the dry ink stains are tough to remove if you found any of it on the couch instead of wiping it with normal water, fray it with rubbing alcohol as it takes less time to make stain completely disappear.

  1. The homemade Conditioner

In the couch cleaning process, conditioning can be regarded as the final touch which you can apply to your sofa. While there are various techniques to condition the leather, but if you believe in homemade remedies then try out this mixture comprises of white vinegar and water. Because just plain water is not enough to do all the cleaning, all you need a little catalyst to make it powerful and effective. You can use cotton balls or rag piece of cloth for wiping, plunge the ragged piece of cloth or dip the cotton in the solution and smear it on the area of the sofa where some cleaning work is to be done. Don’t make the cloth too drench otherwise it can leave a foul smell on the couch or sometimes can also rip the leather. Every step should be taken with care, in carrying out couch cleaning services.

  1. Some cleansing products

If you are in favor of using commercial products other than the homemade solution, then you can easily get them from the market or purchase those products which are purposely used for leather cleaning. Before trying out these cleansing solutions always read the method of using them, its precautions and expiry date. Repeat the above steps in every five or six months or the time you noticed that your sofa need some stringent cleaning. Don’t try to do the couch cleaning on a daily basis as it can make the leather of sofa deprived of its shine.

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