Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning – Endeavour Hills

Carpets are an essential part of every home. They enhance the beauty of every home. But carpets can only enhance the beauty of home when they are clean. Unclean or filthy carpets make the room where they are placed look bad spoiling its look. There are professional carpet cleaning companies in Endeavour Hills that are providing excellent services at very competitive prices. Everyone is free to make a choice of his own depending on his budget and various other features that the professional cleaners offer.

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning - Endeavour Hills


The different carpet cleaning methods are:

  • Hot water extraction cleaning: the carpet cleaning method is also known as steam carpet cleaning. In this method, the carpet cleaning companies employ water, cleaning machine, and detergent for cleaning the carpet. Firstly, the carpet cleaning detergent is spread on the carpet. Then, it is left for some time to get dissolved and absorbed in the carpet fabric to remove impurities. After this, the carpet cleaners use a brush for cleaning and then high water pressure is applied through a carpet cleaning machine. Finally, it is spread to dry in the room.
  • Encapsulation: in this method, a synthetic detergent is used for carpet cleaning. The synthetic detergent is used because it breaks into crystals after it gets dried up and mixes with the carpet fabric after coming in contact with the carpet. Then, the crystals perform the cleaning function by drawing out all the germs, impurities and dust particles from the carpet. After this, the carpet is cleaned either with the help of a brush and the impurities are warded off or the vacuum cleaner is used to dust it off.
  • Bonnet cleaning: in this method, there is a heavy cleaning machine that has a motorized pad. The spinning pad is dipped into the fabric cleaning solution and then rotated on the carpet through the heavy machine. With this, the carpet gets cleaned easily. This method is useful in the hotels where there is heavy foot traffic and the carpets need to dry early. The drawback of this method is that the dirt can emerge back quickly as it gets suppressed in the carpet fabric due to heavy pressure.
  • Dry carpet cleaning: in this method, the cleaning compounds are used at the bottom of the carpet. The compound gets absorbed in the carpet thoroughly. There is a motorized counter-rotating brush which helps to deep clean the carpet. This method has become most widely used in today‚Äôs time and it makes the carpet clean largely.
  • Carpet shampooing: in this method, shampoo and water are filled in a machine. After this, the machine is rotated throughout the carpet. Then, it is to be checked when the tank is full of dirty water. The water is changed. After that, the cleaning process is carried out once again with the help of water only.

All in all, carpet cleaning is required on regular basis to keep the house free from all the impurities that may arise due to dirty carpets.

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