"> Preparations you must do well-in-advance before the arrival of carpet cleaner

Preparations you must do well-in-advance before the arrival of carpet cleaner

Preparations you must do well-in-advance before the arrival of carpet cleaner

Carpet cleaning can be a challenging task especially when there are footsteps coming in contact with carpet, the house is located in an area which is exposed to a lot of dust, and there are kids and pets in the house. This makes the homeowners hire professional carpet cleaners to assist them with the appropriate and absolute cleaning of the carpet. The carpet cleaners arrived on the due date as pre-scheduled with the owner.

Do homeowners need to do something before the carpet cleaner arrives?

  1. Move the carpet out: if it is possible and there is enough open ground area or courtyard in the house, the homeowner should shift the carpet to the exteriors. This is because open space makes the stains more clean and apparent. Besides, there is more open available space for carrying out the carpet cleaning work diligently.
  2. Vacate the room: if it is not possible to move the carpet to the exteriors, the room in which carpet lies should be vacated. There should be maximum possible space for placement of the cleaning equipment and for the free movement of the carpet cleaner. The furniture and all other durables which occupy space in the room should be shifted to other rooms for some time. This also saves the furniture and durables from getting dirty and damaged.
  3. Get electricity point checked: the carpet cleaner needs an adequate supply of electricity for using his equipment. Hence, more than one working electric point should be available for him to use his equipment. Additionally, it should be checked that there are no power-cuts on that particular day and in case of short power-cut, there is a surplus supply of power through a generator to facilitate the uninterrupted working of the cleaning equipment.
  4. Vacuum: vacuum cleaning the carpet does not take much of the energy or time of the homeowner. Rather, it helps in cleaning of the carpet more efficiently. The carpet cleaner can right away start with his treatment if the carpet has been vacuumed properly or he needs to invest less time of vacuum cleaning of the carpet that has been performed before his arrival.
  5. Clean the room: although this does not bear much relation to the work of the carpet cleaner it does have bearing with the carpet. There are many things in the room such as ACs, curtains and other small items which attract dirt and may be dirty. If these things are not cleaned before carpet cleaning, the dust from these items will fall on the clean carpet making it dirty after cleaning, soon. Therefore, they must be cleaned prior.

All in all, doing some small preparations before the arrival of the carpet cleaner can give a lasting finish and cleanliness to the carpet.

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