"> Know How To Control Textile Insects In Carpet

Know How To Control Textile Insects In Carpet

Know How To Control Textile Insects In Carpet

Insects are a menace in every household. They not only make the house dirty but also give an invitation to a lot of diseases and infections with them. There are various types of insects. Some feed on human body whereas others feed on fabrics. The type of fabric that insects feed on is not restricted to only natural fabrics but they also feed on synthetic fabrics. Thus, carpet cleaning becomes very essential.


The insect that feeds on fabric is known as a textile fabric. It is not restricted to only one type of fabric. Different types of insects choose different fabrics to feed on. The most common insects that feed on fabrics are carpet beetles, cloth moths, termites, fleas, bugs etc.


They enter the carpets by the means of dust, spilling of food, moisture to name a few. When they get sufficient time to feed on the carpets, they start consuming it gradually and before we can even realize, the fabric of the carpet starts developing holes and becomes withered.


  1. Damage to the carpet: the undisputed hazardous effect of feeding of insects on carpets and rugs is damage to the carpet. The fabric of the carpet starts developing holes and withers over time.
  2. Damage to the furniture: once, the insect gets to dwell on the carpet, it starts laying eggs and expanding its kingdom. The fellow insects reach on to the furniture and start consuming it and damaging it.
  3. Damage to the house: if the problem of insect damage is not discovered in time, the damage can reach even up to the other parts of the house such as the walls, paint on walls, plants etc.
  4. Cause of allergies, infections, and diseases: the insects of course are a home to all the allergies, infections and diseases.
  5. Increased risk of insect bite: every person and guest of the house become prone to insect bite once the carpet has been infected by insects.


The following paragraphs discuss the means and measures of the ways of dealing with textile insects and keeping as well as making the carpet insect free.

  1. Regular vacuum: the key to keeping insects away from carpets and rugs is regular cleaning through the vacuum cleaner. With this, the dust particles are warded off on daily basis and the chance of carpets getting hit by insects is reduced substantially.
  2. Keeping the carpet spill proof: it is important to pick up all the food items that may fall over the carpet immediately. Any portion of leftover food is an invitation call to the textile insects.
  3. Avoiding stepping with unclean shoes and feet on carpets: it is also essential to keep away from stepping on to the carpet with dirty shoes or feet as they bring along various dust particles with them leading to coming of insects.
  4. Exposing the carpets to sun whenever possible: the carpets also get infected by insects due to moisture. Letting the carpets spread out in the Sun helps to make them free of moisture as well as insects if there are any.
  5. Textile insect repellants: there are numerous textile repellants available in the market which are effective in getting rid of insects from the carpet. All the instructions should be read carefully before using them.
  6. Seeking the help of professionals: professional cleaners are always available at help for cleaning of carpets and rugs.

The carpets are a great source of enhancing the beauty of the house but only if they are insect free. So, it is indispensable to keep the carpets free from any insects.

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