"> How to Steam Clean a Mattress and what is the Professional Mattress Cleaning Cost?

How to Steam Clean a Mattress and what is the Professional Mattress Cleaning Cost?

How to Steam Clean a Mattress and what is the Professional Mattress Cleaning Cost?

We generally receive long warranties on the foam mattresses but if you actually want the long life of your mattresses then you must pay extra attention and loving care towards it and this care must include proper and deep cleaning of it.

Mattress cleaning does not only include the removal of stains as it must be done to kill the nasty dust mites, bed bugs, and other bacteria, so one must be aware of the proper and hygienic steam cleaning of the mattress.

Steps to steam clean a mattress

For the proper deep and hygienic cleaning of the mattress you need to follow the proper steps as mentioned below

  1. Choose the best steam cleaner and take decision for renting or buying the machine
  2. Before starting your cleaning process check the manual and read all the instructions given by the manufacturer for the mattress cleaning
  3. Vacuum your mattress so that loose debris like pet fur, dust or any other particles of dirt can be removed
  4. Then fill the machine with hot or cold water as mentioned on the machine and let it heat up and then start steam cleaning of your mattress
  5. Leave your mattress for 2-6 hours for dry out and then you can use it

By following the above steps you can have a properly cleaned mattress but if you are unable to do so then you can even call the professionals for proper steam cleaning. However, the cost of professional cleaning can be the bit higher than the cost incurred to you by your own cleaning but with the professional call, you can have proper cleaning.

 What does the professional mattress cleaning cost?

Well, only the professionals can restore the original odor and brand new look of your mattress after professional steam cleaning but it can be costly.

 Let us understand the factors that can affect the total mattress cleaning cost

  • The smaller or bigger size of the mattress can affect the cost as professionals quote a different price for the cleaning of queen or king sized beds.
  • Price of cleaning may also vary on the basis of material from which the mattress is made
  • Types of stains can also affect the cost as for removing the light or easy stains professionals can charge less cost
  • If you are taking some additional services like treatments for bed bugs or other insects then some additional cost can also be combined with the mattress cleaning cost.

Thus, the cost of cleaning a mattress is variable and it can be different for two mattresses of the same even the same home. If we talk about the average cost of mattress cleaning then it can be 33.61 AUD for hot water extraction method and 61.92 AUD for dry cleaning.  You may call the professionals to get the exact estimation of the cost depending on the size of the mattress and the type of cleaning method you want for its cleaning.

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