"> How to Deep Clean a Carpet yourself without stream cleaner or machine?

How to Deep Clean a Carpet yourself without stream cleaner or machine?

How to Deep Clean a Carpet yourself without stream cleaner or machine?

Carpet is the best way to get decorating, beautiful and clean flooring but to keep this flooring clean and hygienic is not an easy task especially if you are having kids or pets at your home.

Generally, for the deep cleaning of the carpet we call for the Carpet Steam Cleaners in Melbourne but each time it can be difficult to afford the professionals so you must be aware of the technique to deep clean your carpet yourself even without stream leaner.

The vacuum cleaner is the best alternative for the steam cleaner as we can clean our carpet by using the vacuum cleaner, old toothbrush, brush, clean rags or old towels, bucket, and baking soda or dish soap. By making use of these mentioned tools and cleaners you can deep clean your carpet in following steps

  • Have some warm water in the bucket and cleaning tool of your choice to initiate the cleaning process.
  • Next most important step is to remove the dirt or dust from the carpet area so for this you can use the vacuum cleaner.
  • If you are using baking soda then sprinkle it on strain area and if you are using dish soap then as per the size of stain you can use a tablespoon of the dish soap for instance 4-8 inches of stain you can use one tablespoon of stains.
  • Then leave the baking soda on the stained area until you see the complete bubbles.
  • In the next step, you can use the old toothbrush or towel and can gently scrub the stain with warm water taken in the bucket.
  • Then scrub away the dirt or stain but do not soak away the floor.
  • After that turn on the fans so that with air passing through the windows could dry up the carpet.
  • When the carpet gets dry then vacuum it again

Thus the above technique can help you to get the clean carpet without buying or renting stream cleaner or machine. By making use of the simple tools like toothbrushes and with the reasonable stain removal cleaners like detergent or baking soda you can get the strain-free carpet. If you are having large brush then it is the best way to clean the entire room without wasting much time and efforts.

It is the best method that can be safely used even if you are having children or pets around. This method also helps you to get escape from the heavy smell of the detergents or hard cleaners that are used while steam cleaning. Even this method can make your carpet cleaning quite reasonable for you as calling professional frequently can be expensive for you as if your carpet is in the high usage area then there is need to clean it more frequently.

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