"> How Is The Upholstery Cleaned To Make It Free From Stains And Give It A New Look

How Is The Upholstery Cleaned To Make It Free From Stains And Give It A New Look

How Is The Upholstery Cleaned To Make It Free From Stains And Give It A New Look

Upholstery refers to fabric on the top of sofa or chairs that are used to cover the foam and give an appealing look to the sofa or chairs. There are various types of fabrics such as leather, silk, synthetic fabric that the sofa or chairs can have. With their regular usage, the upholstery tends to become dirty as it attracts soil and there can be a spillage on it. Thus, Upholstery Steam Cleaning in Melbourne becomes essential.



  1. Prior inspection: one of them in charge of the company visits to examine the upholstery. This visit is made to examine the type of fabric of the upholstery and then decide the cleaning technique and material accordingly.
  2. First vacuum: the soil and dirt get trapped in the upholstery. It is removed with a vacuum cleaner. For this, a special Turbine Vacuum System is deployed. It is very important to remove this bonded soil from the upholstery for further cleaning.
  3. Conditioning: in this process, a special solution as per the type of fabric is used to emulsify the soil.
  4. Spot treatment: there are some stubborn stains and spots that form a part of the upholstery. These spots are not easy to remove. They are, therefore, removed prior with the help of some special solution for easy cleaning of the upholstery.
  5. Grooming: after the spot treatment, there is further treatment of soil. There is the usage of soft brushes for this purpose.
  6. Rinsing: then, the upholstery is cleaned deeply by removing the soil with the help of Dri-Master upholstery system. It is the best for cleaning for upholstery.
  7. Neutralizer: it is important to maintain the pH balance of the upholstery for a soft and fresh feel.
  8. Spot treatment: there are some stains and spots that do not leave the upholstery fabric completely even after getting treated. For them, there are even more special spotting solutions. It is advisable to ask for professional upholstery protector as with their usage, the longevity of upholstery is ensured and stain removal is also permanent.
  9. Post grooming: once again after the cleaning process, grooming is done depending on the type of fabric.
  10. Quick dry: the benefit of professional upholstery cleaning is quick drying of the upholstery. They have high-velocity air pressure dryers that aid in quick drying of the upholstery.
  11. Final inspection: a good cleaning company will ensure after the cleaning process that all the stains, germs, spots and dust have been removed from the upholstery. It makes sure that there is no trace of uncleanliness on the upholstery. Then, the upholstery is also made to be checked by the owner for any errors.

All in all, it is a very systematic process that is followed in chronological order. Though all the cleaning companies may not follow this procedure, most of them do upholstery cleaning in the same to ensure maximum cleaning of upholstery.

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