How commercial and residential cleaning services are different from each other?

How commercial and residential cleaning services are different from each other?

Cleaning is very important whether its commercial or residential area. If you want the best cleaning services for your place then you should choose the best option. If you feel there is no such difference between the two then you are wrong. The difference is between the training which is required for every single task.

Maintaining and cleaning your house and workspace is not easy. If you are not cleaning the place properly it will not look neat and tidy. The cleaning will include desk, windows, doors, cabinets or floor cleaning. If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Narre Warren city then there are many companies which provide the best facility and services.

The difference between the commercial and residential cleaning services is given below.

  • Cleaning device and material

The commercial cleaning is done on a large scale and the tools, devices, and material which are required for cleaning are more advanced. The same material and tools cannot be used for the residential cleaning. For commercial cleaning huge vacuums, floor polish, tools, and other devices are required. The cleaning is done in large areas such as airports, hotels, hospitals, and restaurants.

On the other hand, residential cleaning includes simple machine and devices because they are more easy to operate in a small place.

  • Cleaning Standards

The Business owner should keep in mind all the safety standards. This way your clients will get a safe and healthy environment. On the other hand in residential cleaning services, you can make your own cleaning standards. This makes the residential services much easier and simpler.

  • Profit Margin

The profit margin is different in both of the services. The commercial cleaning is done on a large scale so more chemicals and equipment will be required. This will lower the profit in total cost. So you should think properly before choosing any type of service.

  • Timing

The commercial cleaning is done late night, in evenings, or on weekends. This makes the commercial cleaning slightly difficult to manage because of the night shift. On the other hand, there is no such difficulty in residential cleaning service because it is done during the day.

  • Coverage area

The commercial cleaning happens on a larger scale in the business area. These services can be provided to hospitals, hotels, restaurants or airports. On the other hand, the residential cleaning services are given to the houses. So, the services are different from each other.

  • Premises

If you are dealing in commercial cleaning services, then your clients will be more concerned with the cleaning specifications which are mentioned in the contract.

On the other hand, residential cleaning is done in the house. So, the customer will focus on every small thing. The clients are more sensitive and picky because you are touching their personal belongings. They demand more than the commercial clients.

  • Cleaning Rates

The cleaning rates differ from each other. It depends on the production rates which means “in 1 hour how much square feet one person can clean”. For a residential area, it is less than 1000 sq. ft. In commercial services, it is 2400 to 4000 sq. ft. Commercial cleaning cost is based on packages which may include carpet cleaning to washing blinds and bathroom services to mopping.

On the other hand, the total cost will depend on how much work is done in residential cleaning services.

  • Training

You have to train your employees after some time for commercial cleaning. You have to train them in such a way that they get the work done very fast. While in residential cleaning, the focus is on every small detail. So, the training process does not take much time. The employees need to be focused and they should have patience.

  • Marketing

There is a difference in marketing the services. Residential cleaning service is “business to customer”. The potential will be more because you are dealing with a client and every house owner wants to make his place clean and tidy.

On the other hand, “business to business” is commercial cleaning. The competition is more because you are dealing with commercial accounts.

Now you know how they are different from each other. Visit the Best cleaning service providers, read the reviews, and any questions which you have in your mind.

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