"> Handy tips to help you remove your carpet

Handy tips to help you remove your carpet

Handy tips to help you remove your carpet

We have talked about stains and carpet cleaning. Of course,  we have talked about how we are the best company to get your carpets revived and rejuvenated to their lovely bright selves. But this post has some more information about carpets. We might be the best company for carpet cleaning but there are many other aspects related to carpets which can be carried out efficiently at home. One of them is Carpet Removal.

Everybody wants to save money. It is all the more necessary to minimize the expense when you are shifting your base and the expenditure is mounting. So act smart and save some money by doing certain things which can be a done at home.

Tools Required

  • Gloves
  • Utility knife
  •  Floor scraper
  • Dust mask
  • Locking pliers
  • Knee pads
  • Pry bar
  • Safety glasses
  1. Talk to the installer

Talk to an installer to figure out how much exactly you will be saving when you make a DIY job of removing the carpet. You can also get an idea about how to dispose off your old rug. They will divulge the details about the trash haulers who willingly accept short rolls of carpet.You can also send the carpet to carpet recycling programs if your city has one.

  1. Put on your safety gear

Before you hitch the first cut on the old carpet, make sure that you have closed all the doors that swing into your room. Don’t ignore the bi-fold doors too. Make sure that the floor is absolutely clean and the furniture has been removed. Wear a pair of gloves before you get to the task. Doing so will prevent your knuckles from getting damaged in the process. If you are allergic to dust then you should wear a dust mask on your face.

  1. Get ,Set ,Cut

Start by folding the carpet and cutting thin strips out of it. Next,  roll up the strips and tape them together so that they can be handled easily in the future. For detaching it, catch hold of the carpet with pliers and pull. Continue pulling it along the walls. Now it is time to fold the carpet and cut it into strips big enough to be handled easily. Using a sharp knife, cut up the strips but be careful not to cut the baseboard or the walls. Keep cutting till you come to a transition or the point where the carpet meets another section. At this point,  cut the carpet leaving out the transition. A metal transition in good condition will save you some amount of money. On the other hand, if the carpet is seamed to another piece of carpet,leave it to the installers to separate it out.

  1. Removal of carpet from the stairs

If the carpet on stairs is what you dread detaching, let us tell you that it is not a big deal. If there is   a metal nosing at the top ,you will have to remove it. If not, then cut the carpet at the top of the stairs. Follow this step by pulling it off the stairs. Finally, after tearing off all the carpet and the pad, pull out all the staples with pliers.

  1. Roll up the pads

Roll up the pads neatly after cutting them in a similar fashion you employed for the carpet. You will have to use a scraper to pull out the chunks of the pad in case of concrete floors. You can avail them in long-handled form or short versions. While you will have to pay more for the longer ones, the shorter version will be available at much cheaper rates. Both will work fine on the concrete floors. The scraper will be a faster option than pliers, although the latter can also be used. Be sure that you leave the whole floor clear after the process.

  1. What about the tack strip?

It is usually expected that you will leave the tack strip behind. But if any section is rotten, rusted or delaminated , it is best to remove it. Rust can run over the carpets and spoil them. A strip smaller than ¼ in should also be removed as the installer will be needing a gap of ¼ in from the base board.In order to remove it, use a flat pry bar. Use it to pop the tack strip. You could even install it yourself at the new home.

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