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End Of Lease Cleaning

End Of Lease Cleaning

Finding a new accommodation to rent in or move in is a tedious process. It requires a lot of research, time and energy to locate a new ideal accommodation to settle in. Besides, the cost involved in moving goods and careful transportation of all the household goods is also a daunting task. In addition, when one is staying in Melbourne; he/she is further bound to restore the beauty of the house and provide it in a clean state as it was at the time of moving in. Doing so many things along with moving to a new house is challenging. Hence, there are various firms dealing with the end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They take up the entire charge of cleaning the house and making it as good as it was initially so that the landlord is not able to detect the minutest flaw. There comes a wide range of services that involve kitchen cleaning, Carpet cleaning, floor cleaning as well as bathroom cleaning.

The services that can be included in lease cleaning are:

  1. Kitchen: it involves cleaning of oven and stove from inside as well as outside, all the kitchen shelves and cupboards and vacuum accompanied with a mopping of kitchen floors
  2. Bathroom: there are various areas of a bathroom that tend to get dirty with continuous usage which includes toilets, mirrors, bathtub, floor, show screen, and base. All the things are cleaned properly and mirrors are polished leaving a shining bathroom altogether.
  3. Living areas: the areas that need attention in the living area are many and they accordingly need their kind of cleaning such as:
  4. Full steam of carpets and it is done when mentioned beforehand
  5. Cleaning of doors
  • Washing of inside windows
  1. Dusting and wiping of skirting boards
  2. Wiping of walls making them strain free
  3. Vacuum and mopping of all floors, stairs, and hallways
  • Wiping of window sills


There are ample companies dealing in lease cleaning services in Melbourne and choosing the right among those is very important. Their contact numbers can be obtained either from the newspapers or over the internet. Their reviews are also mentioned online which makes it easier to out rightly reject the poor ones although they may offer very reasonable prices. The cost of cleaning varies from company to company and it is essential that all the areas that they are going to clean are asked and discussed beforehand. Also, it is important to find out if they customize services as different houses have different cleaning requirements and choosing a company that provides customized cleaning option works in favor. One more thing to keep into consideration while hiring professionals for cleaning is to ask for a bond back guarantee. This ensures that any flaw detected by the landlord is corrected by the hired company free of cost.

All in all, lease cleaning is a great option for maintenance and cleaning of house in its original form as these are professionals who have expertise in restoring the wear and tear caused to the house with its usage over a period of time. This also helps in getting a return of the bond money from the landlord which is possible only when the house is clean as per his expectations.

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