"> Distinguishing Popular methods of carpet cleaning- Dry cleaning and Wet cleaning

Distinguishing the two popular methods of carpet cleaning- Dry cleaning and Wet cleaning

Distinguishing the two popular methods of carpet cleaning- Dry cleaning and Wet cleaning

Carpets are used in almost every home and office because they enhance the beauty of the place and make it look eye captivating. The carpets tend to get dirty with regular usage and footfall of people that makes them demand regular cleaning.

Generally, professionally cleaners are employed for cleaning of carpets as this is not an easy task and requires professional cleaning. The professional cleaners are seen to be hiring two ways of carpet cleaning. One of them is dry carpet cleaning and the other one is wet carpet cleaning. Let us take insight to both the methods of cleaning.


As the name may suggest to some, the dry carpet cleaning method involves no use of water. However, it is not so. The dry carpet cleaning method makes use of strong chemicals along with a very little quantity of water. The chemicals employed in this method are so strong that they break the dust and dirt particles and filth into small components. After that, they all are picked together or cleared from the carpet with the help of a vacuum cleaner.


The wet carpet cleaning is also popularly known as the hot water extraction method. In this method, steam is used for cleaning of carpet. There is a carpet cleaning machine where on one side water as hot as possible but not boiling is taken and on the other side, detergent for cleaning the carpet is used. The machine is then rotated on the carpet in lines making the carpet clean. The dirty water keeps getting collected in the machine signaling the impurities getting extracted from the carpet.






This method is more suitable for offices and commercial establishments.This method is highly suitable for cleaning at home.

Depth of cleaning

Dry cleaning does not provide that much of cleaning; especially all the stains and impurities continue to remain a part of the carpet. Thus, it does not lead to the thorough cleaning of the carpet.Wet cleaning gives freedom from almost all the stains, impurities and filth of the carpet as it involves intensive cleaning of the carpet. Thus, there is seldom any amount of leftover on the carpet.


The dry cleaning method is very quick for cleaning and thus, saves a lot of time in the cleaning procedure.The wet cleaning method involves almost an entire day of cleaning making it a tiresome process.

Drying time

Due to very less use of water, carpet dries in an hour or two when cleaned through this method disturbing almost no work at all.This method uses water for cleaning. Therefore, the carpet may take 2 to 3 or more days to get dry depending on the length and material of the carpet. This may cause inconvenience.

Chemical usage

There is use of harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment too.The chemicals used in this method are not very harsh thus, making it an ideal choice from the environment point of view.


The dry cleaning method is a much convenient method of cleaning carpets as it does not use heavy machinery and it is noise free as well as requires less maintenance.The wet carpet cleaning method makes use of equipment that is heavy, noisy, large and demands high maintenance.

Cost concerns

This method is undoubtedly economical and pocket-friendly.This method is expensive as it involves burning of a lot of fuel.

Waste disposal issues

As this method involves almost no usage of water, there are not much waste disposal issues because the waste is almost dry and easy to discard.The waste disposal issues are a big concern with this method as there is a usage of a lot of water making it difficult to dump the dirty water and waste.

Overall, both the methods have their applications as well as benefits and drawbacks. For regular commercial and domestic cleaning, dry carpet cleaning is more advisable. However, both the methods are deployed by carpet cleaning companies depending on the condition of carpet.


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