"> Common Mistakes we Make When Mattress Cleaning in Melbourne

Common Mistakes we Make When Mattress Cleaning in Melbourne

Common Mistakes we Make When Mattress Cleaning in Melbourne

Cleanliness of our surroundings is something we can’t eliminate to stay healthy and availing a better lifestyle.

Some common mattress cleaning mistakes

Using water

We all are in a habit of wiping the spillage from water and soaps. But it’s a wrong way to clean it as it damages the upholstery of mattresses.

Using a beater

Many of us use this method of cleaning from ancient times as our grandparents used to do the same process. But, do you know it’s a harmful way as it results in breathing problems like asthma, bronchitis, and also skin allergies like eczema and so on, Not only dust in the air it creates but ends up in the non-killing of dust mites and bugs in the mattresses itself.

Using vacuum cleaner

Nowadays multipurpose vacuum cleaners are available in the market which can range from cleaning floor, ceiling, windows, to sofas and beds.  These vacuum cleaners can definitely not ideal for cleaning cushions and mattresses stuff.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaners are the ideal tool for cleaning tough stains from hard surfaces like floor, tiles, and marbles. Steam cleaning also kills bacteria and dust mites, still this process not recommended to clean your mattresses, the reason being it provides a suitable environment for mold to grow. It also makes the mattress less comfortable to sleep as this deshapes it.

The best and hygienic way to clean your mattresses is just a click or call away.

If still, you are in dilemma between to get your mattresses cleaning done at home or by Mattress Steam & Dry Cleaners in Melbourne then here are the alarming points for you and your family’s health, you need to know…

Removes mites and bugs

These microorganisms can cause many health problems. The best way of eliminating these insects are cleaning by professionals on a regular basis.

Reduce allergic reactions in your surroundings

All of us spend more than 8 hours a day on this object, so it’s necessary to make them clean and have allergy-free health.

Remove other impurities, apart from dust

Vacuum cleaners are an easy approach to get the dust out from the objects. But what other impurities like pollen, stains, pet dander, and some other unwanted things.

Prevent some skin problems

Some people have sensitive skin that can be irritated by some unwanted materials such as mites insects and bugs.

Make you feel comfortable

If you want to feel comfortable staying in your house, you should clean all the items in your room regularly.

Our process of mattress cleaning involves following tact’s

  1. Six sides deep cleaning- it covers all the corners edges and surfaces of the mattress to clean.
  2. 3 bar pressure-at 135c the German high-quality machine is used.
  3. Microfiber cloth – a clean microfiber cloth is attached to it so that no direct heat get in contact with the surfaces of the mattresses.

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