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Carpet Cleaning


Post cleaning, the carpets are ready to use. You can walk on them as soon as we are done

Optimum stain removal is our forte. Our latest technology will remove much more stains than any other process

We ensure that the microorganisms like bacteria and fungi are completely siphoned off

There will be absolutely no shrinking or stretching

We ensure you that the chemical balance of the carpet will be restored by us

Our multiple steps ensure that no detergent residue remains.

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  1. The ultimate in cleaning carpets: Our team ensures that hot water penetrates all the layers and all the dirt and grime comes out. Post-cleaning vacuum dries the carpet and makes it ready for use after 4-6 hours.


  1. Perfect for stain cleaning: If the carpets have tough stains like blood and urine, our steam cleaning is the best option.


  1. Health is the keyword: We ensure that the steam and the deep-reaching solvents clean the carpet vigorously. This is especially required when dealing with carpets of homes with toddlers, hospitals, schools and child care centres and old age homes.

Carpets: The Prized Aesthetic Asset

So you are proud of the expensive carpet you have put up in the living room? No doubt the guests are all praises about it. Your flooring cum artefact might be the talk of the town but you will have to ensure that it stays that way-bright and colourful and devoid of any odor. Yes, of course, you maintain a regular cleanliness routine and vacuum it every other day but sorry to say that this is not going to be enough. Your prized possession calls for much more care.

Steam Clean your Carpet to Glory

It is best to opt for professional carpet cleaning as the teams concerned know the finer nuances of the technique. It certainly requires much more than a vacuum cleaning routine which the homemakers usually think is enough. A professional clean-up is more of a necessity every 6 to 18 months. The frequency depends on the usage of the carpet. A carpet which covers the floor which is frequented often by pets and kids needs to be cleaned more frequently than carpets lying in the areas not used often. Carpet cleaning in Melbourne will never be the same after you have experienced our team‘s expertise.

Carpet Steam Cleaning-How Does it score Over other Methods

While many people consider dry cleaning, steam cleaning is the ultimate technique which ensures germ-free and complete cleanliness of the carpets. If you are in Melbourne, render our team of carpet steam cleaners in Dandenong. The benefits of steam cleaning are endless, there are a few of them-

  1. The Health Factor –Carpets trap the heterogeneous mix of bacteria, dust, and allergens found commonly in households. The devious contaminants can trigger bouts of asthma, sinus, and other respiratory problems. These conditions can prove detrimental to the health of elderly and young children. These can be cleaned only with the help of professional cleaning.
  1. Banish the foul smell-Liquid and semi-solids can wreak havoc with the fresh clean odor of the carpet. Homes with little kids and pets need to take special care of their carpets in this aspect. Pet urine and feces are the top agents which lend a bad odor to the carpets which persists even after thorough cleaning.
  1. Bold and colourful –Other treatments might render the carpet with faded and washed out looks. This will never be the case with professional cleaning. Our solvents have been specially formulated for carpets which help in preserving color and retaining the brightness.
  1. Ensure durability-Our cleaning services not only clean it deeply, it also sanitizes the carpet and helps in prolonging the life of your valuable aesthetic item.


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