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Narre Warren: Carpets are considered as a great option for having smooth, clean and decorative flooring but it is important to clean them so that we could have hygienic flooring too before cleaning carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning.


There are mainly 4 popular methods of carpet cleaning as mentioned below:

Stream extraction

It is the best option for the carpets that need more cleaning due to heavy soiled situations all around. For this stream extraction method, hot water and strong cleaning agents are used and applied under the variable pressure. It is also the best option to clean the carpets that are being used in the homes having pets or spills issue. It is a deep cleaning and safe method as the carpet gets dried in 12-18 hours. Even this type of cleaning service is also provided by the carpet manufacturer companies for warranty maintenance.

Dry or low moisture cleaning

In this method, the carpet is cleaned with the foam or the dry cleaning compounds agitated with the G.L.S machine. These compounds are uniformly spread over the carpet fibers and then the soil or dirt get encapsulated and come on the surface of the carpet. From the surface soil or dirt is vacuumed. As in this method, no water is used for cleaning so this method is entirely safe for children and pets.

Shampoo carpet cleaning method

It is the most common and easy way to clean the carpet. As the name suggests in this method shampoo is diluted with water and then applied on the entire carpet. When this cleaning agent starts working on the grime then good scrub has been given to the carpet with a stiff brush and after this deep cleaning, carpet is left to get dry.

When the carpet gets dried then it has been vacuumed to remove the dirt that gets lifted with the scrubbing. It is the very traditional method of cleaning and these days it has been replaced with the encapsulation method as mentioned above in the dry cleaning method.

This method has one drawback that carpet is not rinsed with the clean water due to which sticky residue left in the carpet that again attracts the magnet.

Bonnet cleaning

It is termed as quick fix method of cleaning and has been used in the areas where the usage is more means for the carpets that are floored in the rooms of heavy traffic such as in the offices.

It is the method in which the machine is used for the cleaning. This cleaning machine is featured with singular or set of spinning pads as per the technology used by the manufacturer. These spinning pads are mounted on the base of the machine and are soaked in cleaning agent so that these pads could rotate and could lift the dirt out from the carpet.

It is the instant method to clean carpet but has one drawback that the machine used for cleaning only lift out the dirt from the surface of the carpet not from the deep that is why this method is not considered for the deep carpet cleaning.

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