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If there is anything in our home, which is used most of the times and requires rigorous cleaning! that thing the carpet. To clean a carpet, some people hire professional carpet cleaners, but some people prefer to do it on their own.Some of the techniques for Commercial carpet cleaning are given below.

Affordable Quality Carpet Cleaning - Clayton, Victoria

    • Hot Water Cleaning

This is one of the most conventional methods used in the carpet cleaning and is considered more effective than any other procedure. It also goes by the name of the Carpet Steam Cleaning extraction method. Steps included in this method are:

  1. Firstly the hot water is sprayed at high pressure, which makes the debris, dirt and extra material to get collected at either side. The temperature of hot water should be more than 150 Fahrenheit, and sometimes it also depends upon the material of the carpet. The reason for choosing hot water in this process is, it helps in the killing of germs and viruses.
  2. The cleansing solution acts as a catalyst for cleaning the carpet. One can use the solution after spraying water or whilst applying the hot water.
  3. Later on, the dirt, debris or the extra waste stuff is sucked out with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

    • Cleaning with shampoo

There are shampoos available in the market which are only used for carpet cleaning purpose. In this method, one has to use these kinds of shampoo as a solution agent. And moreover, one can use this method without hiring professional services.

  1. To use this method, in the first step, the shampoo is measurably applied to the carpet.
  2. After that, the shampoo is left on the carpet for a short interval.
  3. When it gets dried up and becomes hard, then it is removed from the carpet.
  4. Finally, the extra material in the form of dirt and debris is vacuumed out with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Always take care while choosing the shampoo for carpet cleaning, so that the material of the carpet does not get affected much. Daily usage of shampoo should be avoided because the carpet can easily lose out its shine.

    • Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning method is a carpet cleaning method which involves the use of dry powder. This powder is usually made up of the solution of detergent, mixed with other cleaning substances. Dry cleaning method is a quicker method as compared to other carpet cleaning methods as it involves minimal use of water. Some steps involved in this method are given as.

  1. The dry powder is sprinkled on the surface of the dirty carpet. To ensure the mixture goes deep down in the carpet, it is stimulated with the motorized brush machine. So, the powder can easily make its impact on the dirt and debris engrained in the fabric of the carpet.
  2. After smearing of powder, the carpet is left untouched for about 20 minutes.
  3. Lastly, it is collected with the help of a vacuum machine.

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