"> Carpet Brush: Most effective way to clean the carpet without a vacuum

Carpet Brush: Why it is the most effective way to clean the carpet without the use of a vacuum?

Carpet Brush: Why it is the most effective way to clean the carpet without the use of a vacuum?

Using a vacuum is not always possible, some people might not even own it and Some might have a broken one which they can’t use. Additionally, it is very essential to clean the carpet regularly or after some days. By doing this, the carpet will look clean and fresh. However, spending money on buying a vacuum or getting it replaced every few years it not a viable option. Even before the vacuums came carpet was cleaned and in the most effective way.

  • Carpet Sweeper

This brush is specially designed for carpet cleaning. It cleans the surface of the carpet without even pulling out too many hairs. Use of this brush does not even leave a bobbling effect that a harder brush will leave on the surface of the carpet. These brushes are soft and broad in size. They cover a large area and remove the dust and rubbish out of the carpet. Additionally, this method is quite cheap and the easiest way to clean the carpets. So, if you are looking for something cheap and effective then is the best option.

  • Lint Rollers

They work really well on the hard surface and it collects and removes the dirt as you roll them on the carpet surface. This method was very popular earlier because of the way it cleans the carpet and without putting too much effort. One of the perfect examples of this is ‘Roll-O-Vac’. So, you can say that it is the direct predecessor of the vacuum cleaner.

  • Broom and Beat

You have to take the carpet outside, hang it somewhere and then give it a really good seeping. It is one of the conventional ways of cleaning the carpet. You have to beat the carpet until all the dust particles come out. By doing this, you will see a huge cloud of dust coming out from the carpet which makes it dust free and fresher. You can consider this method as environment-friendly.

  • Rotatory Brushes

The rotatory brushes contain hair brushes that penetrate the carpet surface and it removes as much dust and debris it can. You need to hold the brush for a long time but the end results are very effective. Additionally, it does not use any electricity as vacuum need to use them. They are very efficient and it also does not make much noise.

Additionally, you can use a solution of water and detergent to clean the carpet more effectively with the help of these brushes. You have to drip the brush in the solution and then apply it to a very small area. After that remove the excess water and continue doing this until you are done. By doing this, you can also remove the stain and you don’t have to spend money on buying a vacuum.


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