"> Best Upholstery Steam Cleaning Machine for Sofa or Couches

Best Upholstery Steam Cleaning Machine for Sofa or Couches

Best Upholstery Steam Cleaning Machine for Sofa or Couches

The haze which is produced by a dry steam cleaning machine lets you sterilize and disinfect your sofa cleaning without the use of any chemicals. The intense heat detaches itself and absorbs all the dirt present on the surface, which further leads to brightening the material and the colors.  Steam cleaner parts are supplied with many cleaning heads. The parts should be used as per the instructions are given in the booklet, in case no instructions are mentioned in the booklet, and then ask your manufacturer.

 Instructions to be followed:

First of all, take out the steam cleaners boiler cap. After which you can fill the boiler with water, and then the cap can be replaced, but make sure that the cap is in its place. Fix the pipe which has the steam gun.  In case the steam gum has a lock for safety, then get it activated so that steam does not go out Switch on the steam cleaner by plugging it into the cord

Vacuum the couch nicely so that all dust particles along with germs are let out. Use attachment gave along with the cleaner. Do not leave any part during the cleaning process. If the upholstery has removable cushions remove them, and then again get to vacuuming all the surfaces once again. Don’t leave out the place beneath the seat cushions.

Take a clean cloth and clip it to the appliance which is recommended for up hostelry by the steam cleaner. Switch off the safety lock on the cleaner. Let the steam into a vessel until any extra water is left into the cleaner and dry vapor is made. Fix the tolls to the steam gun

Choose the steam pressure which has been recommended for upholstery by the machine’s manufacturer. Let the steam and then wipe a little area of the sofa with a microfiber cloth which is fixed to the cleaning tool. Restart the safety lock, after about 20 minutes check the area which has been cleaned. In case you feel that cleaning has not taken place properly then you can repeat the process again.

Next, change the cloth clipped to the cleaning head again and again while cleaning process. The heat along with the pressure of steam will break up the dirt, which is collected by cloth.

Now, the sofa can be left to dry. Allow the steam cleaner to cool down before you unload the extra water from the boiler and remove the pipe. The cloth should be washed completely, in nice warm water and soap. rinse it nicely, but avoid using fabric softener, because that can affect the dirt absorption capacity.

Once again vacuum the sofa, when it has dried out completely.  this will help in taking out any dirt which is unreleased by the steam cleaner but could not be spotted by the cloth.


Things needed for the process:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Microfiber Cloths

Tip and trick:

You can steam your sofa while leaving windows open in a room in which you will be doing the cleaning process. This helps in preventing steam from building up and also allows the sofa to air dry completely while the process is completed.


You should always know the material out of which your sofa is made up of. It will help you in cleaning it better; otherwise, you might end up damaging it, rather than caring for it.

Just in case you find all of this quite difficult to manage on your own, then Upholstery Steam Cleaning in Melbourne can be taken care of experts.

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