"> 6 Reasons why you should opt for Carpet Protectors

6 Reasons why you should opt for Carpet Protectors

6 Reasons why you should opt for Carpet Protectors

Oh no, kids have spilled the chocolate milk again on your beautiful carpet. The pride of your living room is now reduced to a dirty, stained entity. How on earth are you going to get rid of the damned stain? If you have been regularly reading our blogs, you must be an expert at handling various kinds of stains now.

What are the advantages of utilizing a carpet protector for cleaning a floor coverings

But we have got something more interesting which will save you all the effort of integrating various cleaning products and putting in several minutes of labor to ensure that your carpet looks as bright as new. We proudly want to introduce the concept of carpet protectors to you. The revolutionary concept is being used far and wide by various carpet owners to prevent the onslaught of stains even before they start using them. But one must not think that the application of carpet protector will automatically diminish the need of carpet cleaning. You will still have to go for it,  at least once annually.

Carpet protector-what is it exactly?

It is a quick drying application which when applied to the carpet, forms a protective layer on the surface of the carpet. It acts as a shield against the spills,stains, and dirt which is inevitably going to make their way to the surface of the carpet sooner or later. The protective layer so formed resists the dirt,  the liquids, and the debris from settling deep down into the carpet fibre. It also offers ease of cleaning when one gets down to cleaning up . The solid and semi-solid spills are easy to clean as they can be scraped with a table knife. The liquid spills can be handled by blotting them immediately with a towel. If the spills have dried up, then one can remove them easily with the help of cleaning agents.One must be careful about using the right cleaning agent and rinsing it thoroughly afterward.

Advantages of using carpet protectors

Ease of cleaning

Of course, you must have realized this by now that cleaning a soiled carpet with carpet protector is a cakewalk as compared to a carpet which has none.

Extends the life of the carpet

As the carpet will be better protected from the ill effects of the dirt, bacteria, and water, it will extend the life of your carpet. It will be easy to vacuum your carpets and clear them of deep stains even if dyes,  grease , tar or oil stains land up on it.

Look great for life

We are talking about the carpets here. A carpet with a carpet protector will look good as it will be comparatively stain- free and will get protection for its colors.

Smells great!

Stains not only look bad,  but they also smell bad as well. With a carpet protector, you will say goodbye to odor issues also.

Indoor Air Quality

A dirty carpet can stock up a lot of allergens and bacteria. They are an ideal breeding ground for mold.These factors can easily deteriorate the quality of the air around you. The poor air quality can trigger a spate of health problems like asthma and allergies. A carpet which is clean and protected by carpet cleaner will ensure that your indoor air quality is optimum and you remain free of allergies.

Low cost and great results

Using a carpet protector is relatively inexpensive if you consider the number of expenses and efforts which you can bypass with it. All it takes is a once a year application and what you get are a host of advantages.

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