"> 6 Important tips to know before you hire the best carpet cleaner

6 Important tips to know before you hire the best carpet cleaner

6 Important tips to know before you hire the best carpet cleaner

Carpet cleaning in one of the tedious and difficult task. Most of us struggle to keep our carpets at home and office clean. If you vacuum your carpet daily then it is only going to remove the dust particles from the upper layer. But the inside of the carpet is not cleaned properly by a vacuum and most of the germs and dirt get accumulated there. If you are thinking of hiring a professional for this task then you should hire a person who is trustworthy and he should know how to do his work properly.  Because there are many companies who claim they are professional and they will provide you with the best service. The best company of carpet cleaning is Clayton because the employees are well trained and highly professional.

Some of the tips which will help you to hire the best carpet cleaner.

  • Research properly

Before hiring any person you should do your research properly. You can ask your family members, friends, and neighbors to suggest you the best cleaner. Search on the internet and read reviews about the company, what type of services they provide, or is there any type of unanswered complaint. By doing this you can choose the best company for carpet cleaning.

  • Type of service you need

The companies provide a different type of services such as dry cleaning, steam cleaning, and carpet shampooing. You should ask them which method is going to be the best and reliable for your floor coverings. Ask them what type of service is included in the “basic” and what is included in “extras”. Ask them how much they are going to charge move the furniture. Once the cleaning is done how much time it will take to dry.

  • Compare the price

You should compare the prices of different companies before choosing any of them. Sometimes the estimated budget does not include the service you need. Then you have to choose some other option. Don’t go for a low price because you don’t know what type of product they are using or they might be charging some extra amount. If you have a coupon, then ask what type of services can be covered.

  • Insurance

Before getting any type of service of carpet cleaning, make sure to get proof of insurance. Ask them if they cover the cost of the damaged property or personal liability. The employees who are going to come into your home or workplace should sign a bond for safety measures.

  • Get everything in writing

The best way to be safe and secure is to get everything in writing. Before signing the contract read it carefully and properly. Whether the contract includes the guarantee of money refund is your product gets damaged in the cleaning process. It is mandatory for the company to properly write its address and phone number on the contract.

  • Protect your property

Make sure to clear the floor space properly because they are going to move the carpet for cleaning. Don’t keep anything on the floor which may get damaged in the cleaning process.

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