"> 5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Home Clean And Organized

5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Home Clean And Organized

5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Home Clean And Organized

Home is where the heart is. A home is a place where a person relaxes and unwinds after a tiring day at work. Everybody spends time with family and share the ups and downs in his/her home. Home, therefore, occupies a very essential part in everyone’s life. Home requires cleaning on daily basis to ward off the dust and clutter that accumulate on daily basis by going out and coming in. with the feet of dwellers of home, many germs and microorganisms become an unwanted part of the house. This calls for their removal and cleaning of the home.


  1. De-clutter the home:

    there are various items that keep lying here and there out of their usage. When we use things, we place them here and there and proceed towards our household chores or for work. This creates clutter in home making it look untidy and messy. So, the first and foremost step towards home cleaning is de-cluttering the house. There is a way of doing that too. Things should not be picked up one by one and then placed at their required place. It is both tiring and consuming. It is better to take a basket and then gather the things in that. All the things in the basket which belong to that particular room should be placed there and then you should move to the second room. The extra things should be taken to the second room and checked if they belong there. All the things that belong to the second room should be placed at the appropriate place and extra things of the second room should be placed in the basket. The same process is to be repeated for all the rooms. This is less time consuming and more efficient process that takes 10 to 15 minutes on a daily basis and makes the house look really tidy and well managed.

  2. Make the bed:

    it may sound unimportant and rather easy but this is a thing that is commonly missed out. This can make the room look unkempt and messy. Whereas, taking just 5 minutes of time to dust off and spread the sheet all over again and tucking it in, folding the comforter and placing it properly in the almirah or on the bed, and placing the pillows properly can give the room an aesthetic look. Seeing a properly done bed after coming back home from a long tiring day keeps a very warm and pleasant feeling. Besides, you are saved from embarrassment if any guest drops in the home at once.

  3. Clean the kitchen:

    it is a general tendency to sit and relax after having dinner. While we sit around after dinner to take time to relax for sometime, we may feel lethargic and unwilling to do the cleaning process of the kitchen. It is a matter of hardly 10 minutes to clean the kitchen when it is done immediately as the stains and leftovers are fresh and take no time to get cleaned. The cleaning can be done very quickly. All the kitchen tops and stove top should be cleaned removing all the stains and marks. After that, all the utensils which are unused should be placed again in the kitchen cabinet and all the used utensils should be put in the dishwasher.

  4. Cleaning the dishes:

    leaving the dishes overnight to be cleaned in the morning has bi-fold drawbacks. Firstly, it attracts cockroaches to run around over the utensils and kitchen making the kitchen dirty and infectious. Secondly, cleaning the utensils in the morning increases the work of dish cleaning in an already busy schedule of the morning. Whereas, cleaning the utensils and dishes of dinner at night makes the kitchen and utensils clean as well as it reduces the time to be spent in the morning for dish cleaning.

  5. Clean the carpet:

    carpets occupy an essential place in the home and enhance the beauty of modern homes. Carpets may be subject to various filth, dust, microorganisms that enter their surface uncalled and unnoticed. Carpet cleaning cannot be carried out on a daily basis but they can be vacuumed on weekly or monthly basis.

Overall, home cleaning is a very easy task if small things are kept in consideration and daily cleaning of little things is adopted to avoid morning chaos to give the home a well managed and beautiful look.

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