"> 4 reasons why you should regularly clean your home

4 Reasons why you should regularly clean your home

4 Reasons why you should regularly clean your home

Cleaning is often considered as a repetitive,  uninteresting task which the homeowners often find daunting. The mess is cleared only to resurface after a few or several days. But maintaining cleanliness is imperative to maintaining our health and prevent one of several diseases. In fact, putting off cleaning might as well cost you more than your precious time and effort. If you are struck down with a disease, you end up losing a lot more.

Even your loved ones are at a risk. So pick up your brooms and be proud of it! Of course, cleaning covers all the aspects of the house such as changing the sheets regularly, maintaining basic hygiene in the kitchen and bathrooms, doing the dusting and keeping the home insect free. But one aspect we tend to ignore very often is the cleanliness of the carpet. Yes, Carpet Cleaning should be and must be undertaken on a regular basis so as to ensure that your home and family remain disease free. While many would want to do it themselves, none can clean as professional cleaners do.

A. Freedom from respiratory disorders

Many elders and children suffer from asthma and allergies. These conditions are often triggered by environmental factors such as mold and mildew. Rat droppings and cockroach feces are also the triggering factors. But some chemical cleaners are also responsible for it. Products with citrus or pine odor contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are known to trigger asthma attacks. The best solution for such conditions lie in various measures such as –


It is always better to declutter on a regular basis. Unused things lying at one place tend to collect dust and are an ideal place for the pests to develop and thrive. The sooner you do away with the clutter, the better.

Vacuuming on a regular basis-

Vacuuming your home regularly will ensure that the home remains dust free. Choose a vacuum cleaner with a filter which traps all the problematic particles.

B. Prevent  Dangerous falls

Elders who are above 65 years of age are prone to falling and thus suffer from hip fractures and brain injuries. Sometimes a cluttered house is the only reason which leads to such an incident. The solution lies in keeping the floor obstacle free. Be sure that you keep way the papers, books, shoes, and clothes away from the walking path and stairs. Avoiding the use of rugs is another tip the experts swear by as one can easily slip while walking on them.

C. Tackle  Disrupted concentration

Trying to concentrate in a cluttered room might as well not be a possibility with many individuals. A neat, clean and clutter-free room creates a better environment for sound mental concentration. It works for kids who want to study and do their homework. For keeping the place clutter free, consider using baskets for keeping away toys, art and craft materials, and reading stuff. Also go through the bins, baskets, and closets to reconsider what you need and what you can throw and what can be given for recycling.

D. Break into subparts

You don’t need to fling deep into cleaning on a single day. Allot different days for different areas or tasks. Keep Monday for kitchen or Tuesdays for bathrooms and you will find that your home shines bright and lovely without you feeling like a bonded laborer!


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